Bob Foulkrod has hunted from sweltering Africa to the frigid North. Bob is known as one of the premier hunters in the world and is a strong advocate of archery education. Inducted into the Anderson archery International Bowhunters Hall of Fame in 1993, as well as the International and National Hall of Fame and has had the opportunity to guide several key figures in the sport. Bob received "first issuances" for bowhunting licenses in the N.W. Territories and Labrador. Bob is the founder and instructor of the Bob Foulkrod Bowhunting School of Troy, PA, along with being certified for the PA Bowhunter Instructor program. He appears on many hunting videos and TV shows, including Bass Pro Shops and Winchester Legends. Bob also writes for leading magazines.

Doing what no other sportsman in history has ever accomplished, Bob completed the Obsession Quest over a five-year period. He took eighty species and was all captured on video. This included the list for North America, SCI's list for the World Slam on turkeys and Africa's legendary Big Six. Don't forget his spring and fall seminars on how to hunt those mountains and stay successful.

Career highlights

  • Biggest Kill: I've shot all nine species of the whitetail, but an elephant would be the biggest.
  • Greatest Hunting Achievement: I've gone from staying in igloos hunting polar bears to hunting jaguars in Paraguay. I've hunted on seven continents and have taken every large game I have ever wanted.
  • Favorite Hunting Moment: My first deer — I was actually hunting with my mother; my grandson's first turkey — we got a double together.