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Black Bear

On their well managed piece of heaven in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Bob's wife Sheila managed to arrow a bear for the records.

We had noticed on our trail cameras that we had a really nice bear coming into our food plot after dark. He was spending lots of time around the two apple trees on either side of Sheila's condo stand. From then on we left the area totally alone and didn't go in there for any reason. Not even to check trail cameras anymore. We wanted him to be totally comfortable.

While I was away on an Obsession Quest hunt, all the conditions were right to finally hunt the field.

"Bob was out hunting, doing some TV Shows, so I decided to hunt bear locally this year! I sat in The Shadow Hunter Blind that Bob had set up special just for me! Fully equipped with a comfy seat, heater my Swarovski Optiks. What more could I ask for. As I sat there reading my latest book, all snuggled and relaxed, I heard a twig snap! That was my sign! Sure enough, up through and already much closer that I anticipated. was my bear. Bob and I believe this was the first PA Black Bear Crossbow kill."- Sheila Foulkrod

Sheila set up in her condo blind that night, and just before dark she put her pin on the big ole bear. She said she continued to say in mind over and over, "Aim for the opposite leg, just like Bob always says". That's exactly what she did, and made a perfect fifteen yard shot on the bear. Friends and family came and helped track him about 40 yards from where she arrowed him the night before. With the bear down, Sheila became the first woman in Pennsylvania to take a black bear with a crossbow."

Gear List

    • Parker Crossbow
    • Redhot arrows
    • Blackout broached