Archery Tip - #16 | archerytips

Diagnosing a Miss

All right, let's talk about diagnosing your shot. Again from a common-sense basis, the last set of tips we gave you, is how to shoot your bow, how to hold your bow, how to use your release, what your sight picture should look like.

So, it's hard to diagnose the shot at the moment an animal is standing in front of you. And you really, really want to kill that animal.

Go through each shot for practice, because the thing that affects an archer more than anything is that they say, I shoot a hundred arrows a day. But in reality they shoot 80, ehh arrows, and only 20 good ones.

Pay attention to every arrow. I'd rather have you shoot 30 great shots, 10 great shots, whatever you can get off. 10 shots where you pay attention to everything. You pay attention to your stance, you load an arrow, you hook your release, you set your grip, you you're gonna pay attention to every segment and piece of the shot...