Outdoor Tips - #8 | outdoortips

Tree Stand Maintenance

Now I've put this tree stand here under the tree at this level, just so we can illustrate. Some of you will go back and say, Dad a deer come in and I put my seat back there, like so, and then I leaned forward to get the shot, and the thing comes down and off go my deer. You say, oh that was bad luck, but not to me. That wasn't bad luck that was poor preparation.

I don't even know if you can find him anymore, but way back when, I picked up one of these Leatherman crunches, and I added it to my pack. So, you can hold the nut on each side. What you're trying to do is you're trying to tighten this thing up so it stays wherever you put it. That's why you get to your tree stand early, so you can take care of these little things ahead of time...