Rifle Tip - #2 | rifletips

2nd Rifle Shot

All right the guns on, we know that. But it's on a bench, so let's go outside in the snowy condition today and see whether we can do the same thing over again. 

We've got a snowstorm going on today, we're going to go outside we're going to practice in that and mostly we're gonna practice so you can get that second shot off.

I like to practice in the wrong conditions so I'm ready on the hunt. The past few years I've been practicing for tough conditions, bad weather, wind, sun in my eyes, moving targets, out of breath, these are the conditions we can be faced with on our hunt.

There's one skill you may not have practice for at all, a miss, a poorly placed shot, or even a good shot on big-game often requires a quick and accurate follow-up shot.

So, how do you practice this at home?